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You can find a bicycle trailer for just about anything. There are models for cargo, children, canoes, and even for dogs. If you can’t decide if you’re a cyclist or a runner, there are hybrid models that switch from bike to running shoe. When I think of bike trailers I think of pulling my kids around in an old Burley trailer twenty years ago. Burley was practically alone in the bicycle trailer world, but has now been joined by companies like Chariot, Baby Jogger, Croozer, InSTEP, Schwinn, Doggy Ride, BOB, and a few others. Today I’ll spend some time writing about three categories of trailers, discussing some of the features of each. If you already have a particular type in mind, you can go directly to my page on child bicycle trailers or bike trailer strollers.

Bicycle Cargo Trailers

Most unique in the world of cargo trailers is the PaddleBoy, for pulling paddleboytrailer Bicycle Trailer Reviewscanoes and kayaks. I don’t know if there is too much to worry about in comparison shopping because there isn’t much to compare it to. It’s a two wheeled, 33″ wide model with an aluminum frame so being around water shouldn’t be a rust problem. It’ll carry up to 75 pounds, boats up to 15′ long, and it weighs 14 pounds. Retails for $199.99

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The One Wheel Bicycle Trailer

The one wheeled cargo bicycle trailers work well for any off-road trailering. The BOB Ibex and Yak are in this category. The Yak is BOB’s original design and has been around since 1994. bobyaktrailer Bicycle Trailer ReviewsThere are a variety of models. The Yak 28 has a longer fork to accommodate bikes with larger wheels or bikes with full fenders. The Yak Santana has extra width to the fork to accommodate tandems or other bikes with a wider spacing. Retails between $309.99 and $339.99 The bobibextrailer Bicycle Trailer ReviewsBOB Ibex is an extra rugged version of the Yakwhich has an adjustable suspension system on the back wheel. Now your cargo can get some tender loving care on rough dirt roads too. Retails between $369.99 and $409.99

Heavyweight Croozing Bike Trailer

Croozer makes a couple models of bicycle cargo trailers. The Croozer Travel cargo 2-wheeled unit carries the most weight of any trailer I’ve heard about (Like the Burley Flatbed and Nomad, it is rated up to 100 lbs). croozertravelcargo Bicycle Trailer ReviewsThe Croozer Travel cargo trailer is a low profile model so your load isn’t top heavy. Their deck measures 34” x 17”. There’s no top on this model so awkward items aren’t restricted by space restrictions. It folds flat for easy storage. Retails for $349.99 The Croozer Cargo Trailer is similar to its heavyweight croozercargo Bicycle Trailer Reviewsbrother but has 6” sides and a 30.5”x 19.5” deck. It can haul up to 65 lbs. It can be transformed into a handcart once it’s detached from your bike, using the hitch arm as a handle. It too folds flat. Retails for $199.99

Don’t Forget The Good Ole Boys Of Bicycle Trailering

Burley is well represented in the cargo world with their Burley Nomad bicycle cargo trailer and their Burley Flatbed bicycle cargo trailer. The Burley Nomad is a very well thought out cargo bicycle trailer. Not only is your gear protected by the nylon cover, but a watertight Tonneau cover is burleynomad Bicycle Trailer Reviewsincluded for additional weather protection.

It carries up to 100 lbs and up to 8000 cubic inches of storage space. Burley has also included a few bells and whistles in the form of side pockets and dividers for better organization. It folds down easily. There is even an optional aluminum cargo rack to fit on top so that you can fancy yourself to be a human powered SUV. Retails for $349.99 The Burley Flatbed hauls up to 100 lbs too and its strong point is its versatility. Because there are no restrictions due to a nylon covering, burleyflatbed Bicycle Trailer Reviewsyour hauling options are a lot less limited. This is a very stable model and features the patented Burley hitch which isn’t adversely effected when your bike is no longer vertical. So there you have it- the one wheeled wonders, the heavy duty grunt, and the middle of the road sedans.

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