Specialized Cycling Shoes – Maybe Not So Special?

Specialized offers several models of specialized cycling shoes. Your cycling style determines which model of cycling shoe you should use. Specialized shoe styles include: Taho Mountain-Bike, S-Works Road, Comp Mountain, Pro Carbon Road, Sonoma 2, and Sport Road just to name a few. Each shoe model has specific attributes that make it different from the rest.

Understanding your riding style and cycling shoe needs helps you determine which shoe is right for you. All Specialized shoes are designed to reduce knee strain and support the feet in all the right places.


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Reduced Knee Strain

specialized cycling shoes Specialized Cycling Shoes   Maybe Not So Special?

One of the most impressive features of Specialized cycling shoes is the ergonomic design. Certain enhancements like the “Varus Wedge” causes the foot to angle slightly and align the knee and foot with the hip and the pedal.

This more direct line from hip to foot improves foot to pedal power and reduces pressure to the knees. Reducing pressure and strain on the knees, in turn, reduces knee pain. specializedbodygeometry Specialized Cycling Shoes   Maybe Not So Special?

Foot Support

Soles are important! Finding the proper fit of cycling shoe has a lot to do with the sole. A perfectly designed sole will fully support your foot from toe to heel.

It should be snug, not tight. Your toes should never reach the end of the shoe and your heel should be cradled in the heel cup. Specialized soles spread the metatarsal bones to help prevent damage to nerves and blood vessels during down-pedaling. More foot support reduces hot spots and swelling. Raised arch supports add to stability and increase your foot to pedal power.

Specialized Cycling Shoe Body Geometry Technology

Specialized, with the help of Dr. Andy Pruitt from the Bolder Center for Sports Medicine, designed the Body Geometry cycling shoe. During the testing process, cyclists who wore Body Geometry road cycling shoes showed signs of having less exertion. They had lower heart rates and exhaustion levels than cyclists wearing other shoes.

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It’s A F.A.C.T.

specializedfact Specialized Cycling Shoes   Maybe Not So Special?

Functional Advanced Composite Technology allows Specialized to offer an extremely light weight shoe with amazing quality. The extra-stiff soles allow even more foot to pedal power transfer. F.A.C.T carbon soles help ensure that every bit of power you put into each down pedal is transferred to the pedal. Individually chromed carbon soles reflect the heat of the pavement to keep feet cooler.

Specialized Bike Shoe Speed, Style and Comfort

Specialized puts just as much focus into making you look good as they do the comfort and functionality of their cycling shoes. Synthetic leather and mesh uppers feature Velcro straps, laces and PowerZone lacing systems for ultimate comfort and style. Specialized Women’s Sonomas, for example, are designed with a woman’s fit in mind.

The lovely Mary Jane style with a combination of laces and Velcro strap add a great look and feel to these shoes. They are crafted with Body Geometry technology to provide lasting comfort and injury prevention. They are stylish and comfortable enough to wear as a walking or cycling shoe.


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