A College Cycling Jersey – Ride With Pride!

Why not ride in your college cycling jersey and give your ole alma mater a few props instead of giving the Astana Team more publicity? It’s a given that you’ll be riding down the road in some garish jersey.

It may be a Astana cycling team jersey, an obscure tavern jersey, or publicity for the brand of clothing that you’re wearing.

As if Nike needs more exposure.

Well how about trying some advertising for your alma mater by wearing your college cycling jersey?

Who knows, you may even get some credit for wearing your college cycling jersey from the alumni association. Here’s how it’ll go…

Some hired telemarketer calls you during dinner and asks if you’d like to pledge $100, $500, or $1000 to the alumni fund. Here’s what you say- “I’m delighted you called. I was just going to call you after dinner and tell you all about the college cycling jersey that I’ve been wearing here in (your town).
college cycling jersey
You see, I figured that all the publicity ‘Podunk University’ is getting while I pedal around town like a Tour de France champion in my college cycling jersey should be worth quite a bundle. Would you like me to bill the college for $100, $500, or $1000?” And the telemarketer responds, “You can’t do that…I’m on the ‘Do Not Call’ list.”

All joking aside, I’ve found a source for 56 different college jerseys. It’s quite likely yours will be in the group. Every college from the Air Force Academy to Gonzaga, and all points in between. Click here (it’s just Amazon, so fear not) to see if your college is represented.

If you just want to look for ALL items related to your college, check out Sports Fanfare and you’ll be in College hog-heaven.

Here’s the skinny on these stylish college cycling jerseys-

* 100% microfiber polyester fabric

*Quick-drying moisture transfer (due to the microfiber polyester fabric)

*Three pockets in the rear

*Neck zipper for ventilation and exposure of chest hairs

* Officially licensed and approved by each college (without this who knows what they’d do with your mascot).

* Sublimated image (sublimation is a process by which the ‘ink’ is transferred onto the jersey from a vapor to a solid without ever going through the liquid phase. This makes for a more effective bonding of fabric and graphic)

So take some advice from the Beach Boys. “Be True To Your School Now, Just Like You Would To Your Girl”.

If you’re just a cheapskate like me, look no further than Amazon to look for your college cycling jersey.

They’re always running a lot of specials.

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  2. Scott Kent says:

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